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Put Some Spring in Your Step

Put Some Spring in Your Step

By Chris Strub

Signs of Spring are all around and, if you're like us, your New Year's resolutions are long since forgotten. But when the snow melts away and the familiar warm sunshine returns to the Twin Tiers area, new opportunities to get out and get in shape abound.

Playing a round of golf is a great way to get some air and some exercise, and enjoy the natural beauty of Chemung County. Walking the course, rather than taking a cart, will save you money and increase the calories you burn as you enjoy "a good walk spoiled."

These are some of the popular golf courses around the Twin Tiers:

Soaring Eagles Golf Course, 201 Middle Road, Horseheads - (607) 739-0551

Mark Twain Golf Course, 2275 Corning Road, Elmira - (607) 737-5770

Willow Creek Golf Club, 3069 New York 352, Big Flats - (607) 562-8898

Shepard Hills Country Club, 17 Chemung St., Waverly - (607) 565-9500

Dusting off the rackets for a tennis match is another seasonal treat for cooped up Twin Tiers residents. Studies have found the average man burns about 600 calories playing an hour of singles tennis (425 calories for doubles), while the average woman burns off about 420 calories in an hour of singles, or 330 calories playing doubles. Hitting the courts a couple times per week can significantly decrease your chance of heart disease - and improve your social life to boot.

The Greater Elmira Tennis Association, at, is a great resource for fans of the sport who want to get more involved locally. There are links to a list of area tournaments, registration forms to get involved, and even a page about maintaining proper nutrition to keep you on your game!

Melting snow reveals another long-lost art form for homeowners around the county: gardening. Experts believe the restorative benefits of nature can help lower blood pressure, boost immune function, and reduce stress. Chamberlain Acres, at 824 Broadway St. in Elmira, can help your garden thrive all year round.
The most important thing is to do something! Bike, canoe, hike-whatever your interest, get active!