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HOT TOPIC: A Healthy Gift for Area School Kids!

HOT TOPIC: A Healthy Gift for Area School Kids!

As parents, we do our best to make sure our children are eating healthy. That they're getting the right balance of foods, not snacking too much, and getting the exercise they need. But we can't watch over them all day every day. Just think about how often you can't even remember what you had for lunch. It's easy to lose track of what the kids are eating each day; and easy for them to get into bad eating habits.

There's now a simple, fun and engaging way to ensure that your children are getting the nutrition they need. It's called An Apple A Day TM Children's Nutrition tracker -- and Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield has partnered with the Vestal School district to provide them to over 50 students at the Clayton Avenue Elementary School!

March was National Nutrition Month and students will be learning about making healthy changes in their eating habits and lifestyle that will improve their overall health. In recognition of these efforts, this wonderful new tool was recently introduced to Clayton Ave Elementary students. The nutrition tracker allows the entire family to record healthy food choices and physical activity each week. The students are given a demonstration of the tracker, and once they learn to use it, they'll each get to take their own tracker home!

The An Apple a Day TM Children's Nutrition Tracker is a novel, easy-to-use device that kids will love. It's easy to read, easy to control, and lets a child take an active role in their healthier diet and lifestyle. The sleek, simple tool can be placed on a countertop or even hung on a wall or the fridge. Each morning the tracker starts with open doors displaying colorful icons that represent the number of servings of a given food type that your child should have each day.

As the child consumes a serving they can slide the appropriate door closed. There are even doors and icons for exercise and treats. The goal is to close all the doors each day. There are menu cards available for children in different age groups and each tracker can hold two separate menu cards for two different children. Each tracker also comes equipped with a ‘core card' that's filled with nutritious serving suggestions and healthy snack ideas to help get you started.

Sometimes, getting your child to eat healthy can be a struggle. This tool gives parents a wonderful opportunity to get their kid's actively engaged in their own health. It's such a simple and fun way to track their progress, and they'll be excited to close each little door each day, and they'll feel a sense of accomplishment with each daily success! Excellus BCBS in partnership with the Vestal School District is donating these unique devices with the goal that the entire family will begin making healthier lifestyle choices by trying new foods, increasing physical activity and preparing healthy meals together.

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By Christopher Coyne