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The Only Winter Preparedness Checklist You Need

The Only Winter Preparedness Checklist You Need

Those of us who were born and raised in the region fancy ourselves as being of fairly hardy stock. We've grown accustomed to the changing seasons and the sometimes harsh winters. We're tough; we can handle anything winter throws at us!

Well, that may be true-but are we ever really prepared for Old Man Winter? With some help from the Centers for Disease Control, Healthy Life presents to you this comprehensive winter preparedness checklist. Take a look. Are you ready?

Winterize Your Home

• Install weather stripping, insulation and storm windows
• Insulate water lines that run along exterior walls
• Clean out gutters and repair roof leaks

Check Your Heating System

• Have you system checked by a professional to make sure it's clean and running properly
• Inspect and clean fireplaces and chimneys
• Have a safe alternate heating source and fuel available

Is Your Car Winter Ready?

• Service the radiator and maintain anti-freeze level
• Keep gas tank full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines
• Use a winter formula windshield washer
• Have an emergency kit in your care in case you get stranded. Include blankets, some food and water, booster cables, flares, a tire pump and a bag of sand or cat litter for traction, compass and maps, a flashlight, battery powered radio, batteries, a first -aid kit and plastic bags

Be Prepared for Power-Outages

• Stock food that needs no cooking or refrigeration and water stored in clean containers
• Keep and emergency kit similar to the car emergency kit
• If you have a generator make sure it's at least 20 feet from the house
• Install a CO detector

Winter Travel

• Check current and forecasted weather when travelling
• Avoid travel if advisories have been issued
• Inform a friend of your route and your expected time of arrival

If You're Stranded in Your Car

• Stay with your car, unless safety is no more than 100 yards away
• Keep arms and legs moving
• Stay visible-put a bright cloth on your antenna, put your interior lights on, anything to draw attention
• Run the engine and heater only 10 minutes per hour
• Keep a downwind window open
• Make sure tailpipe is not blocked

Think of others too, if you've got neighbors or family members who are elderly are infirm-check on them often, and bring the pets inside if you can't provide them with warm outdoor shelter.