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Salt Therapy, Who Knew?

Salt Therapy, Who Knew?


When you think of salt, you're probably thinking a simple compound used to melt ice or add flavor to food. The thought of salt being an all-natural form of therapy for skin and breathing conditions probably never crossed your mind. It is a growing therapeutic treatment that requires very little on the patient's end. An hour of sitting in a dry salt aerosol cave can have a surprisingly powerful impact on your overall well being...

Salt therapy, also known as "halotherapy" is a modern variation of an old Eastern European treatment. For many years, individuals in Eastern Europe have recognized the benefits of spending time underground in natural salt caves, undergoing what has been coined "speleotherapy." While the beneficial health effects of basking in this salty environment have been known for centuries, Polish physician Bochkowsky first recorded them in 1843 after observing robust health of salt miners in Krakow. This 100% natural and non-invasive therapy has become extremely popular amongst those suffering from respiratory and skin conditions.

The atmosphere of the salt caves is essentially allergen and pathogen free. The microclimate with just the right air quality, humidity and salt particles is effective not only for cleansing the respiratory tract, but the skin and body as a whole. A study conducted in Russia concluded that an overwhelming number of individuals who suffered from asthma attacks and extreme respiratory discomfort saw a dramatic decrease or overall disappearance in their symptoms after receiving salt therapy. In a similar study, 65-75% of patients with eczema had decreased itching, reduced linchenification, dried fissures and scratches following their salt cave visits.

This alternative route to traditional medication for therapy is becoming more prevalent in the United States as it is already a fast growing, widely used treatment in Europe. "The Spa at Traditions is thrilled to lead the movement in salt therapy in the Northeast and looks forward to providing this new and natural form of relief to the large population suffering from respiratory and skin illnesses," says Salt Sanctuary General Manager Matt Walsh. "Time Spent in the relaxing atmosphere of the Himalayan salt cave or modern salt room is for those looking to alleviate symptoms of asthma, COPD, bronchitis, rhinitis, eczema, acne and more." The unrefined rock salt, primarily consisting of sodium chloride, also includes varying concentrations of other mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and other sulfates that have additional therapeutic properties. This all natural, soothing form of therapy is for those who suffer from skin and respiratory conditions but also for those suffering from nothing at all. The overall aura from sitting in a salt cave is soothing for all.



Matt Walsh

Salt Sanctuary- Spa at Traditions

General Manager