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Tips to shake the winter blues

Tips to shake the winter blues

You know what it's like. The feeling that winter will never end. Your usually-bouncy child can't get up in the morning for school. Your teen is eating all the junk food in sight and staring out the window. This sullenness repeats itself every year. Your entire household has the winter blues. Well, Healthy Life can't promise to cure your Winter Blues, but we can offer some tips to help make the season more enjoyable:

• Set small goals instead of a big New Year's resolution you may not attain. Maybe you'd like to lose 20 pounds. Then set your goals for only a pound or two a week, those smaller steps are easier to reach and you'll feel good about the achievements you make each week.

• Go outside. Even though it gets darker earlier in the winter, you can still find time for a quick walk or putter around the yard. Make a point to go out for a few minutes before dinner or early in the morning before work. The cold air will invigorate you-and be a nice respite from being cooped up indoors all winter long.

• Organize something at home. This time of year is the perfect time to take on one-or more-of those organizing projects you just haven't been able to get to in the busy summer and fall months. Clean out the attic or basement, organize all your clutter-whatever you choose to do, it'll give you a head start on your spring cleaning.

• Turn it up! We're always listening to music in the car, but maybe not so much at home. Turn on a little background music while you're making dinner. Crank up those old favorite LPs some Saturday afternoon. Listening to music you love will make those long winter hours fly by.

• Catch up on that reading you've put off. You've got a stack of great stories on your bookshelf that you've been meaning to read. Well, now you've got the time. Start a fire, put on those cozy slippers and lose yourself in a good book-you'll forget its winter.